Casement Windows in Celebration FL

Casement windows Celebration FL

Are you looking for a window type that offers plenty of ventilation without sacrificing your home’s view? Look no further than Casement windows.

Unlike sliding and double-hung windows that can only open halfway, casement windows hinge on the side and open outward like French doors. They provide a larger opening and unobstructed views than most other operable windows.


Unlike sliding sash windows, casement windows open outward by the simple crank of a handle or push. This design makes them ideal for catching breezes and funneling fresh air into your home. However, it is important that they are correctly installed to ensure effective ventilation and energy conservation.

Besides being easy to operate, Casement windows offer unobstructed views and are available in different styles and designs to suit your architectural style. Whether you want to upgrade your existing home or build a new one, this window is the right choice for your South Florida project.

Some casement windows have a functional vertical strip that divides the glass, but they can also be ordered without this feature. If you’d like to add a decorative touch, you can opt for non-functional muntins instead. Muntins are strips of wood, vinyl, or metal that are installed between the glass panes to visually divide them. They are available in a wide variety of colors and designs to complement your interior décor.

Energy Efficiency

Unlike sliding windows, casement windows operate like doors with the crank of a handle. They open fully, allowing maximum ventilation and a wide-open view. They are also easy to open and close in hard-to-reach places, such as above sinks.

They insulate better than single-pane windows, and Sunrise casement windows come with Low-E glass that reduces heat transfer and UV rays in summer and prevents heat from escaping in winter. The window frames are made of premium virgin uPVC, and the sashes are fusion-welded to create an airtight seal and prevent leakage.

The insulated frame and sashes protect your home from the sun’s heat and UV rays, while the laminated glass buffers noise and helps you enjoy a quiet, comfortable night’s sleep. They are also able to withstand harsh weather conditions, such as strong winds and hurricanes, and they provide excellent protection against intruders. They are an ideal alternative to single-pane windows, which allow significant amounts of heat to enter your home and cause high energy bills.


With their locking mechanisms, Casement windows are highly secure. The state-of-the-art hinge system and multipoint locks ensure that the window is firmly closed, offering maximum protection from weather elements.

Since they are opened with a crank, Casement windows offer easy operation. This makes them easy to reach over sinks or other obstacles to open and close them as needed. They also feature a sturdy lock that is integrated into the frame for added security.

In contrast, sliding windows can be broken in just a few seconds once the glass is shattered. This is because sliding windows do not have a strong enough seal that can prevent air from entering your home. For this reason, Casement windows are considered a more safe option. They are a great way to ventilate your home while ensuring the safety of your family. In addition, they are also more energy efficient than other replacement window styles. This helps you save on your utility bills and maintain a comfortable indoor temperature all year round.


While the most popular window styles tend to dominate product catalogs, homeowners across Florida are increasingly interested in alternative window options. Casement windows, also known as crank windows, hinge on the side and open wide by turning a handle inside your home. They can be found as standalone windows or as components of bay or bow windows.

They are tough enough to fortify your property against storms, straight-line winds, and intruders. They also insulate your space, keeping your utility bills low throughout the year.

They can be installed in new construction homes or as insert replacements in existing frames. They are a smart choice for coastal areas, as they can resist corrosion caused by salt air. For the best results, leave installation to a professional window installer. They have the tools, knowledge, and expertise to deliver a meticulous, high-quality installation. They’ll even provide a warranty and customer support for the entire project. A reliable contractor will offer a competitive quote with no hidden fees.