Patio Doors – Modern, Energy Efficient Options For Celebration FL Homeowners

Patio doors are a modern design option that can open up your home to natural light and beautiful Sarasota coastal views. They’re also more energy efficient than traditional hinged doors and offer a variety of features that make them ideal for any homeowner. Milgard offers several styles of patio doors, including 90-degree and 135-degree exterior corner sliding glass doors.

90-Degree Sliding Glass Doors

The wide glass panels of 90-degree corner sliding doors allow you to enjoy a full spectrum of naturalistic views. They also let in natural light, which is important for homeowners. Sunlight provides essential vitamins and minerals that help people feel happy, energized and more relaxed.

The dual-point locking mechanisms offer added security for your home by restricting the ability to lift panel off the track. Homeowners can also choose impact-resistant sliding doors to protect their homes from potential weather hazards and hurricanes.

Sliding door systems with standard features like concealed installation fasteners and tandem stainless steel rollers are available to meet a wide variety of design pressure requirements. A weep system and an interior back leg that penetrates the track help safeguard against water intrusion. For a quieter home, PRL’s Sound-Control Laminated Glass reduces ambient and environmental noise from traffic, street and other sources. This helps homeowners rest easy in their Florida homes and lowers their insurance premiums.

135-Degree Exterior Corner Sliding Doors

If you want to increase your living space in a modern, energy-efficient way, consider 135-degree exterior corner sliding doors. These doors provide you with panoramic views of the outdoors while allowing more natural light into your home or business. They also feature thicker glass than standard doors to reduce outside noise and offer more privacy. They are available in configurations of two to 20 door panels. All Glass is proud to work with several leading manufacturers, including PGT, Marvin, WinDoor, Kolbe, Euro-Wall, and more.

Unlike 90-degree sliding glass doors, these doors open up at a 135-degree angle to help you create a seamless transition between indoors and out in Sarasota. They are ideal for those who enjoy entertaining guests or spending time in their outdoor spaces in the Sunshine State. They are available in laminated-insulating glass and tempered glass to protect your interiors from the elements. They can even help you save money on energy costs and improve air quality.

ENERGY STAR Most Efficient 2023

In addition to lowering energy costs for homeowners, qualifying ENERGY STAR windows and sliding patio doors can qualify homeowners for federal income tax credits. The credits can be claimed up to $1,200 per year for energy efficiency improvements in existing primary residences.

To earn this distinction, a window or door must meet the 2023 recognition criteria. EPA highlights products that meet these requirements on its ENERGY STAR Most Efficient webpage. Manufacturers can use the ENERGY STAR Most Efficient 2023 designation in point-of-sale materials, product literature, and websites. However, the logo must not be factory-applied to the product.

The ENERGY STAR program sets rigorous energy efficiency standards to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and save consumers money. ENERGY STAR is a valuable branding tool for manufacturers and a trusted symbol of quality for customers. For over 30 years, ENERGY STAR has prevented billions of tons of greenhouse gas emissions and saved families and businesses over $500 billion.

Multi-Point Locking Mechanisms

If you want an extra level of security from unwanted intruders, look for a multipoint lock system. These locks use multiple bolts to secure your door in different places on the frame or astragal, making it much harder for someone to pry a way into your home.

These locking systems are usually operated with a euro profile lock cylinder and feature hooks, rollers, mushrooms, or latch bolts that all lock into various points on your door frame to give it more stability and strength. They’re available in a variety of sizes, so you can choose what suits your door best.

These types of locks are often installed by the manufacturer after your doors are fabricated, which cuts down on installation time and may help protect the warranty since modifications tend to void it. They’re also typically easier to re-key than other types of locks. They’re smarter, too, so they pre-engage when you lock your doors to prevent damage and misalignment issues.