Door Styles for Celebration FL

Door installation is more than just a functional element of your home. It can also elevate your property’s aesthetic and enhance its vibe. Choosing the right door can greatly influence your home’s security and energy efficiency.

Celebration’s town center, near man-made Lake Rianhard, is filled with boutiques, mom-and-pop-style restaurants and a popular tavern. It feels like a time capsule.

Impact-rated windows

Living in Celebration, Florida, means preparing for hurricanes and other storms that can cause damage. One effective way to safeguard your property is by installing impact-rated windows and doors.

Known as hurricane windows, this type of window and door is designed to offer year-round protection from high winds and debris. They’re made with laminated glass that doesn’t shatter into shards, and they’re built with heavy-duty framing.

When shopping for hurricane windows, it’s important to choose a manufacturer that offers design options that align with your vision and aesthetic preferences. In addition, you should compare things like aluminum sections and hardware components. You should also check for an etched mark that indicates your impact windows are a quality product. The etching helps distinguish them from non-impact windows that are often misrepresented as hurricane windows.


Wood doors have a classic look that can complement any style of house. They are durable and sturdy but require regular touch-ups to prevent weather damage. They can also be energy efficient if they insulate well, which is important in Florida’s warm, humid climate.

Celebration is often cited as an example of New Urbanism, an approach to urban planning that promotes small lots, mixed uses and front porch communities. In its town center, businesses mingle with residential buildings along a walkway that circles the small lake in the center of town.

Many of the commercial buildings have a storybook look that is reminiscent of neotraditional styles. For example, the Morgan Stanley building has dormers that suggest an earlier era. The 115-room Inn in Celebration, designed by Graham Gund, suggests a Newport mansion with a Caribbean flavor.


A popular material for homes, fiberglass is stronger than steel and more flexible than aluminum. It also resists corrosion and can be molded into complex shapes. Its low density also makes it an effective insulator.

Fiberglass makers started producing the wispy material on a large scale at the end of the eighteenth century, but it didn’t gain much popularity until 1935. This was when manufacturers began to experiment with tweaking its composition in order to improve its performance in specific applications.

The local bank in Celebration, Florida, playfully resembles a 1950s-era gas station or hamburger restaurant with its colorful stripes. Similarly, Stetson University Center’s semi-circular design was intended to blend into the landscape of protected Florida wetlands. It’s an example of postmodern architecture.


Steel doors offer strength and durability that far surpasses other door styles. They also offer a clean, classic look that is distinctly their own. Unlike wood, which often attempts to mimic the appearance of natural materials, and fiberglass, which may become damaged by Florida’s humid climate, steel is an independent and enduring choice.

As experts in windows, doors and lanais, Precision Aluminum & Remodeling Inc. understands that selecting the right door is an important decision for homeowners in Celebration FL. By engaging with a professional, homeowners can make an informed decision that is tailored to their architectural style and home’s location. Moreover, by choosing an impact-rated door, homeowners can improve their home’s energy efficiency and reduce their utility bills. For more information, contact us today.


Celebration, Florida is a pedestrian-friendly town that blends retail shops, restaurants, and offices with a small post office, library, movie theater, and bank. It is often cited as an example of New Urbanism, or neo-traditional town design.

Homes in this community feature a diverse mix of styles and colors that harmonize thanks to the town’s master plan. The community also includes a town square, public buildings, and a hospital. The post office was designed by architect and product designer Michael Graves, while the nearby Philip Johnson-designed Town Hall is reminiscent of 19th century antebellum plantation houses.

Pella understands the nuanced needs of Celebration homeowners, offering a range of doors that balance future-forward style with timeless durability. Many of their options are Energy Star certified, reducing your home’s environmental footprint while lowering your utility bills.