Choosing Window Styles For Your Celebration FL Home

Window styles Celebration FL

Choosing the right window styles can make or break the look of your home. Your window installation company will advise you on which styles best complement your home’s architecture and style.

Window World offers both full-frame and pocket installations. The company also has Energy Star windows. Be sure to mention that you want energy-efficient windows to your window installer.

1. Casement Windows

Casement windows operate like doors — they hinge on the side and open wide, allowing fresh air to enter your home. They are operated by a crank handle that folds and nests when not in use, making them an easy-to-maintain window style.

Casements shut thoroughly on all sides, making it difficult for intruders to break into your home. They also offer slim sightlines to enhance your view of the outdoors.

If you want a window that will let in some fresh air but don’t need it to open fully, consider pairing a picture window with a casement window. This combination upgrades your home’s aesthetic while maximizing natural light and ventilation. It’s a great choice for upper floor rooms that require a little more reach to open a traditional window.

2. Double-Hung Windows

Double-hung windows are one of the most popular window styles available today. They feature moveable upper and lower sashes that slide open and closed. They look great in both new and old homes alike, especially those with a more traditional aesthetic.

These windows provide maximum ventilation when both sashes are opened. Cool air flows in through the bottom opening and warm air vents out through the top.

The ability to tilt the sashes makes cleaning both the interior and exterior surface of these windows much easier than with single-operating-sash models. This can be a significant benefit for second- and third-story homes where it’s more difficult to reach the upper portion of the window without using ladders or specialized tools. Double-hung windows also offer better energy efficiency than single-hung windows.

3. Bay Windows

Bay windows are one of the most versatile window styles for your home. They can be added to almost any room and can provide a cozy sitting nook or extra space for indoor plants.

A bay window consists of three window openings mulled at different angles, with the middle window fixed (usually a picture window) and smaller windows on either side that are operable. They offer a more panoramic view of the outdoors and can let in more natural light than traditional flat windows.

Unlike an alcove or bump out, bay windows allow you to add bench seating underneath them. You can use this to sit and enjoy the view, read a book or even cultivate your own herbs and vegetables. You can also add shelves or put in a chest to use as storage.

4. Sliding Windows

One of the most popular window styles in America, sliding windows have one or more panes/sashes that move left and right on tracks. They open and close with ease and offer great ventilation and natural light. They’re ideal for living rooms and similar areas, especially if they overlook a porch or backyard.

They allow for unobstructed views and are easy to clean. They’re also more affordable than double-hung windows. However, they are less energy efficient than other window styles due to the overlapping sashes and may suffer from air leaks. However, proper maintenance and Triple-pane glass can improve efficiency. They also come in a narrower range of sizes, making them less versatile than other window types.

5. Vertical Windows

Depending on the style, vertical windows can feature either double or single-hung sashes that slide up and down. They are a classic operation and work great for homes with traditional, contemporary, or transitional styles of architecture.

Unlike hinged windows, these windows can tilt inwards, which allows the inside sash to be easily cleaned. They are a popular choice for many homeowners because they provide a simple operation and are budget-friendly.

However, this window style does not allow for flexible ventilation as the top sash is fixed. Therefore, it is best used in areas where the space for opening outward is limited. In restaurants, it is a great option for sit-down counters where wait staff can quickly serve customers. It also saves space for prep and service areas.