Casement Windows in Celebration FL

Casement windows Celebration FL

With the turn of a handle, casement windows open outward or upward. They can be grouped with other window types to create stunning combinations.

When properly installed, they offer excellent ventilation and energy efficiency. They can also make your home more secure, as they are difficult to break into.


Unlike sliding or double-hung windows that only open halfway, casement windows hinge on one side to swing outward in a wide arc. This makes them ideal for locations where other window types would be difficult to operate, such as above sinks in the kitchen or in a finished basement.

The angled opening of a casement window also promotes airflow. This is especially helpful if your home has tight neighbors that box in the wind, since the sash acts as a sail that funnels breezes inside.

Lastly, because they only have one sash that can be opened, casement windows are more difficult to break into than double-hung or slider windows. This is because intruders must break the glass to turn the crank, which is not a simple task.

Energy Efficiency

While double-hung and sliding windows open only partially, casement windows — along with awning and hopper windows — provide a full range of opening options. This feature lets you enjoy natural ventilation in any room in your home.

With their hinged design, casement windows also allow you to capture breezes from various angles and direct them inside your home. This makes them popular for rooms where maximum ventilation is needed, such as over sinks or other obstructions.

Like other operable replacement window types, casement windows are more energy efficient than fixed windows. This helps to lower your monthly energy bills. They also block harmful UV rays and infrared radiation that can heat your indoor spaces.


Unlike other window styles that only open halfway, casement windows can be opened to the fullest extent. This makes them an ideal choice for high or hard-to-reach spaces.

They can also be angled to catch and funnel breezes into your home, which is particularly helpful in areas where air-flow might be limited. In addition, you can enhance your casement windows with functional dividing strips or non-functional muntins to add style.

As one of the most secure window types available, casement windows are difficult to break into. Unlike other window types that can be opened with a simple push of the glass, casement windows are only opened by turning the crank. This means that an intruder would have to break the glass and reach the crank through it, which is more difficult than simply reaching in to unlock and lift a window sash.


A casement window opens with the crank of a handle. This design means they have fewer mechanical parts that can break down or wear out. This gives them a higher level of durability than other window types, such as slider windows with their track that collects dirt.

They also open wider than most other windows, allowing you to catch and funnel breezes into your home. This is a big benefit if your house has tight corner spaces where other windows can’t fit.

You can also choose dual-sash casements that feature a functional vertical divider, or non-functional muntins (strips of wood or vinyl that visually separate large sashes). However, two casement windows installed next to each other can conflict if their swings are reversed. This is less of a problem for single-hung and double-hung windows, but worth keeping in mind.


When it comes to choosing replacement windows, a number of different window styles exist for your consideration. Some are designed to maximize ventilation, such as double-hung and sliding window types, while others offer a more traditional appearance. One style that may not get as much attention is the casement window, which opens by pivoting outward with a crank or lever handle.

These hinged windows allow for unobstructed views and natural light with easy-to-use, controlled ventilation. They also open at varying angles, making it easier to catch and funnel refreshing breezes into your home. Pair them with a picture window for an upgrade that enhances your home’s beauty and functionality. For even easier operation, look for push-open casement windows. This option eliminates the mechanical opening system altogether.